How to Watch Presidents Cup 2019 Tiger Woods Live Stream TV Channel

If you love golf or just follow the big tournaments, then you are already familiar with the Presidents Cup. Some of the best golfers from around the world participate in it, drawing in a worldwide audience.

If you have never heard of the Presidents Cup before or this is your first time paying attention to it, here are a few things you should know about this prestigious tournament. The Presidents Cup 2019 will be held on December 9-15, 2019. United States Team’s Tiger Woods and International Team’s Ernie Els make their 2019 Captain’s Picks.

What is The Presidents Cup?

The Presidents Cup has been a biennial event since 1994. It was created by the PGA Tour who still organizes it. The tournament is very similar to the Ryder Cup. The main exception being that European teams do not participate. They only play against America in the Ryder Cup.

Teams of male golfers compete against each other. One being from the United States against an international team. A series of matches determines the winning team. There isn’t any prize money awarded, instead all proceeds go to various charities nominated by team captains, their assistants and fellow players. Over $32 million has been raised for charity just in the first 10 Presidents Cups.

When the Presidents Cup first started it has held during even number years. This was to prevent it from interfering with the Ryder Cup. Traditionally held during odd number years. However, this changed with the attacks on September 11th. Both tournaments were pushed back and now the two cups are held during odd numbered years.

The Presidents Cup is sometimes held in the United States, it also alternates between the countries that are represented by the international golf team.

Presidents Cup: Format and Ties

The format of the Presidents Cup is not the same as a standard golf tournament. It is based on the same one used in the Ryder Cup.

Match play is used for scoring. This is a system that awards a point to a player or team for each hole they reach before their opponent.

There are 12 players per team. Each side has a captain that doesn’t play. The captain is usually a well known personality. Due to the tournament’s name, it is often a sitting or former president or state leader.The captain is responsible for picking the pairs that play in the doubles events. These events consist of alternative shots and best ball formats. On the scoring card these are listed as a “foursome” and “fourball” match.

Basically, a foursome is a team of two golfers playing against another twosome. Each team can only use one golf ball and take turns making shots, until one goes into the hole. One player will play for even numbered holes, while the other concentrates on the odd numbered ones.

The team that makes the hole with the fewest number of shots will win one point towards their final score.

Fourball is a little different. There are still two players on each team. However, each player has his own golf ball, instead of a team sharing one. The team with the lowest number of shots per hole, wins.

There can be ties, even in the Presidents Cup. From 1994 to 2005, the team captain selected a player, in case the match ended in a tie. This selected player would be in a “sudden death” match. This seemed to work fine, until 2003. Due to darkness and exceptional skill by the players the match was eventually called as a tie by the two opposing captains. These captains were Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player. Both of their teams shared in the cup that year.

In 2005, the rules in the event of a tie changed. Singles matches that were tied would extend beyond the standard 18 holes. The first player to hit the next hole with the fewest strokes would be declared the winner. As of 2013, no match has yet to go beyond the original 18 holes.

The 2019 Presidential Cup

Starting December 12th and ending on the 15th, the 2019 Presidents Cup will be held in Melbourne, Victoria at the Royal Melbourne Golf Club. This is not the first time this prestigious club has hosted the tournament. It has done so twice before, in 1998 and 2011. Their only victory was in 1998 and they are also the first international club to have hosted the tournament more than once.

In 2017, the United States won the Presidents Cup making them the defending champions.

On August 18th, the twelve players for the United States and International teams were released. Each team choosing its players based on the points they earned during regular matches and other tournaments.

International Team

Eight players on the international team were chosen because they had the most points accumulated by Official World Golf Rankings between August 27th 2018 and August 18th 2019. In early November, 4 additional captain picks were made to bring the team to the required 12 players.

There was a slight change this year in picks. Captains can now pick four, instead of two players that might have the highest score in the Official World Golf Rankings. It will be interesting to see how the four captain picks perform at the 2019 Presidents Cup.

United States Team

The United States follows the same guidelines as the International team. Eight players are chosen due to their points from previous championships. Mainly the BMW Championship from 2017 to 2019. . Points earned during the 2018 – 2019 season count double. The team captain, as of November, also chose four additional players.

The player lists for both the United States and International teams are impressive. Some of the best players will be competing together at the 2019 Presidents Cup.

While often presidents and other dignitaries have been the captains of the two respective teams, this year it is different. Tiger Woods, golf “superstar”, is the captain of the United States team. Ernie Els, nicknamed “The Big Easy” is a professional golfer from South America and the captain of the international team.

Who is playing in 2019 Presidents Cup?

U.S. Team Captain Tiger Woods announced Zach Johnson, Steve Stricker, and Fred Couples, as three of his captain’s assistants for the Melbourne Presidents Cup 2019.

Will Tiger Woods play in the Presidents Cup 2019?

Tiger Woods will play as a captain in this year’s US team that will play in December for the Presidents Cup, Tiger Woods says there is a chance he will select himself to play.

Where and when is the next Presidents Cup?

The next Presidents Cup is around the corner which will be held on December 9-15, 2019, when it returns after 2011 to the prestigious Royal Melbourne Golf Club.

What is Tiger Woods vs Ernie Els?

Tiger Woods is be the captain of the U.S. team, and Ernie Els is the captain of the International team.

How to Watch the 2019 Presidents Cup Live Stream Online

If you can’t make it to Melbourne, Victoria, you can still watch the Presidents Cup live. All you need is a device and internet service.

The competition tees off on December 12th. It is the 13th time this event has been held.

You have several options if you want to catch every minute of this biannual tournament.

NBC originally had the broadcasting rights, up until 2000. This has changed, but you can still buy a viewer pass for an affordable price. You can also get a free preview of the players and upcoming event.

Once you have the NBC sports package, you can watch the Presidents Cup from any device.

FuboTv is another service that will be live streaming the event. It works with all major streaming platforms and does have a 7 day free trial period.

Hulu with Live TV has started streaming live sporting events. This includes the upcoming Presidents Cup. It works with almost all mobile devices, including your TV. You can also try it out for seven days and cancel before getting a bill. This would allow you to live stream the event for free.

Sling TV is a popular way to watch your favorite programs without a huge cable bill. It is also one of the least expensive ways to watch the Presidents Cup, if you are not able to do a “trial period” with another live streaming service provider.

Other options to live stream the Presidents Cup online include Play Station Vue, YouTube TV, Golf TV, along with Ruku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV. With all of these options you don’t have to worry about missing the Presidents Cup.

International golf fans can also live stream the Presidents Cup. Australians can watch it on Channel Nine. There is also Foxtel, an Australian streaming company and Kayo Sports.

Residents of the United Kingdom can keep up with their favorite golfers by getting Sky Sports and streaming the event online. The only downside to this streaming service is that you must sign an 18 month contract before you can start watching. They can also increase your subscription fees any time during the 18 month contract.

If signing a contract or doing a 7 day trial with a streaming service isn’t for you, there is always social media and the radio. Both are free and do not require you to sign up. Social media will be posting regular updates. Some fans at the event might also post videos online.

The radio is often free. You can listen to live updates while you are driving. It might take a little tuning to get the correct radio station broadcasting from the event. However, if you just want updates and commentary this may be the best option for you.

The 2019 Presidents Cup hosted by the Royal Melbourne Golf club

The Presidents Cup might not have the same long history as the Ryder Cup, but it is still a prestigious golf tournament that brings some of the best players in the world together.

It has been around since 1994 and even though when it is played and some guidelines have changed, it still draws in a large audience. Both online and at the hosting golf club.

This year it will be hosted by the Royal Melbourne Golf club from December 9th through the 15th. If you can’t make it to Melbourne, Victoria, you can still keep up with your favorite international or United States players. There are several streaming services that will have it available to view online.

One thing about the tournament that hasn’t changed, is its dedication to charity. All proceeds still go to charities picked by the individual captains and players. To the twinkling an eye 2019 Presidents Cup Picks.